Holy BibleThere are six churches in Droitwich including the Anglican churches of St. Andrew's, a Norman building where St Richard was probably baptised; the church tower was demolished in the 1920s after becoming dangerous due to land subsidence.

St. Augustine's at Dodderhill, completed in 1220 and rebuilt in the 18th century on a hill which was the site of a former a Roman fort.

A later Anglo-Saxon church. St Peter's, built on the site of a former Saxon church, has parts, including the chancel, that date from Norman times, and has a memorial to Edward Winslow, one of the Pilgrim Fathers who was born in the parish.

St. Nicholas which was built in Victorian times, near the railway station.

The Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart and St Catherine of Alexandria, on a building styled on the Roman basilica churches of Ravenna in Italy, and having the feature of the interior walls being covered almost entirely of mosaic and marble designed by Gabriel Pippet.

There are also a number of other chapels including Methodist, Baptist and a vibrant Salvation Army Hall.