Upcoming Events

Saturday 10 January Concert by the Fibonacci Sequence

Christmas Festivities in Droitwich Spa.

Droitwich Spa is looking forward to a packed programme of Christmas festivities over the coming weeks.

For further information see the Christmas Festivities programme, check out the Droitwich Spa Festivals facebook page or follow on twitter @droitwichfest.

Loyalty Card

Droitwich Spa Devotion Scheme ends on 31-12-2014. Please complete your cards and post by 25th December 2014.
Full details here including updated Terms and Conditions.

November Winners

Mrs Jennings £25, Pamela Waterlow £10, Maureen Hartridge £5.

Planet Droitwich

The eco friendly “Healthy Planet” initiative has enabled two local organisations, Droitwich Arts Network and Transition Droitwich to establish a new and exciting community group which is seeking to expand by engaging with other local organisations.

Planet Droitwich is making use of an empty shop, formerly the Superdrug store in St Andrews Square Shopping Centre, in the mall leading out to St Andrews Street. Full details here.